Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DressyPat17 : Miss Selfridge wishlist!

i saw this two pieces dress from Nv You Magazine!!

this dress doesn't really catch my first glance while reading the magazine....
However, we could clearly see that current fashion trend are
crop top x pencil skirt!
Dorothy Perkins , Miss Selfridge , Forever 21 etc

Alright , you know is the trend now!

So happen to me that i went for a shopping that day,
and this dress caught my attention when i pass by the windows display of
Miss Selfridge

so i decided to go in and have myself fitting on it...
Miss Selfridge isn't my favourite fashion brand
the price tag!
hahah, yup, im a stringent lady when come to financial control!
Yup , i control my purse well! I'm proud to say that!

So after fitting on the dress ....
i was like ...
Wow ... feeling myself like a mermaid!
and in my favourite PINK some more!!

i'm just so in love with it!

But .. wait a moment , check on the price tag

Okay , well , with this price tag ,
i could buy myself a dinner gown/ dress...
so what if i buy it (since i'm so in love with it)
question come
do i dare to wear like this for special events / functions / friend's wedding ?
the answer is NO.
Well... well ... well....
So i didn't get this piece of dress at the end.


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