Saturday, April 5, 2014

♥ My Lunar Birthday Lunch Treat @ Grand Shanghai! ♥

Another few more hours , i will be goodbye 29, and hello 30!
Fyi, today also my Chinese Calendar Lunar Birthday!! ^_^

My Beloved cousin Patrick offered to be my photographer and buy me a birthday lunch treat!
woohooo .... this is where we go! Grand Shanghai Food Theme park @ Setia Walk

So , how do i actually get to know about this place?
One of my favorite blogger Bobostephanie, she actually blog about this place back in Jan 2014. 
 I love this shot of her so so much ! 
Photo from
I think the place itself is really cool!

Okay , we choose 大上海茶楼 @ Shanghai Old Street for our lunch.

We order one Peikin Duck 

This is the duck's skin .... and the meat of the duck goes well with the fried bee hoon!
Yummy !! egg skin wrap with the crispy duck skin.... 
The portion may look small in the picture, BUT,
this set of Peikin duck was actually meant to be served for 4 adults!

And i love the Menu so much , it's a newspaper! See....

Okay , let me serve you some tea after the lunch
 Nice Pu-Er, we talked about our primary school reunion gathering in May 2014 
(so excited and looking forward)!
Yup, myself and this cousin of mine were classmate in the same class for 8 years since 5 yrs old!! 

Okay , after fill up stomach, lets start our photography session!
Oriental me at Oriental places!

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