Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello Kitty Town @ Puteri Habour Family ThemePark

She is my youngest sister,and she is 21 yrs old starting today.

Hmm, she love Hello Kitty since she was born,my bro love keroppi,hello kitty's friends.i bought five kitty town pass for the whole family on this date - 30th dec 2012.

Hello kitty town is not a theme park,there isn't much rides for you,it's more like a kitty museum.

we arrived at about 930am,the theme park start its business at 10am. 
the long que... at entrance

Red Bow Cafe

Cinnamoroll Cafe

There are two cafes inside this kitty town , both cafe selling about the same menu and the price is quite costly.

Kitty Shape pudding @Rm7.50

Once entered the Kitty Town

You will receive a scores card,you need to go to those dedicated stations and collect your kitty stamp. 
after completing the assigned task,then they will give you a kitty stamp.

We first visited the hello kitty house.a house which everything relate to hello kitty branding.

we were welcome by Kitty Statue upon entering the house

a Piano at the living hall

the kitty bathroom

the princess bedroom
 and the Kitty many many more


Complete our visit to Kitty House

Next,the Hello Kitty Black Wonder.

this activity very closely like a treasure hunt,just play the games,it's free anyway.
you will be given a kitty lamp and register yourself at the Hello Kitty robot machine. 
Follow instruction and start the game!

Yes,we manage to rescue kitty and Daniel
But no rewards was given.    lol......
I thought I'll receive some souvenirs upon successfully rescue kitty and Daniel.

Then , we proceed to Wishful Studio.

There are few stations inside Wishful Studio. 
Nail studio - a place for you to do manicure, D.I.Y, they will provide you Hello Kitty Sticker and nail polish at sharing basis. 

Tips, we have guys with us so we skipped nail studio , I go and request for Kitty stamp and also the free Hello Kitty Sticker (hmm, that's my intention anyway, i'm eyeing on the sticker instead of stamp) 

Cookies studio - well, it's not a place to teach you bake biscuit, but to provide you some tasty Hello Kitty Biscuit and... 

you need to do some coloring on the biscuit!
Coloring ? no worry , it's Nutella Jam !

it's really crunchy and delicious!
Yummy ~   

Jewelry Studio - you will be given a Hello Kitty necklace for free!!!  (",)

Last , costume dressing studio, be honest, we didn't manage to complete this last activity due to the long Que and tiring day. 

Basically, we spent about 30-45 mins waiting time in the que to go in each studio. 
It's really tiring as you can't sit on the bench (no bench could be found in this Kitty Town)
you have to stand for 30-45mins, and each activity in the studio took you only 5 mins

Toilet time before leaving Kitty Town! You must remember to check it out, 
the Gents and Ladies!

Lastly , visit the Hello Kitty Gifts Shop

Sis got this as birthday present from Dad.

Goodbye Daniel and Kitty !

Review: basically , for RM50 , you will get a necklace, one piece of biscuit to munch and the fun with the whole family , worth it ? Up to you to decide.  xD

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