Saturday, December 1, 2012

DressyPat10: Palazzo!!!

finally i got my palazzo pant!!

this is my palazzo pant !

i find it so lovely ... and well , maybe some people just couldn't accept it!
i really love this design so so much !!
Thanks Intan for informing about this pant!

i love the "split ending" part too ... it's just so sexy when u walk around!

Btw, palazzo was designed to be very soft and easy for you to move around!

hmm ... today has marked the last month of year 2012, peplum dress , peplum top, peplum skirt, peplum baju melayu, hemline dress, hemline skirt has been a trend if you noticed!

You hardly see many wearing Palazzo on the street or in the shopping mall...oh well , palazzo isn't a new trend anyway.
but i'm really in love with palazzo now for it's flexibility and it's different faces (a pant & a skirt-like pant!)

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