Friday, October 26, 2012

DressyPat6: Mix&Match Pencil Skirt

Remember this ? the pencil skirt which i wore in this post - KLKK @ KL

 "Arh .. i saw a tattoo on Pat? "
"She went for tattoo arts?"

NO! This is a stocking called Tattoo Stocking which i brought back from Hong Kong!
Love it so much!

When i was at Hong Kong , i noticed that the ladies there love to wear stocking during their daily life.
and i noticed some new trend in HK , which is Tattoo Stocking!
So cool , it is really a must-have-item inside wardrobe!

with luggage again?
so where am i heading to again?

i'm going home! 
with my newly bought luggage from China   =)
also a luggage which full of presents for my family


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