Monday, September 24, 2012

i have my own heels designer! (",)

wow wow wow
look at the title
my own heels designer?!
sound so privilege......

Alright, i have a shoe maker and the branding is "NanaPatricia's inspired"

Okay , no more joking , back to the topic

I bought this pair of heels from Charles and Keith 2012 Warehouse Sales @KL
Bought it at Rm50 (after discount lah)

It's a Leopard print heels

But you know , gal is always like that
when i saw it on the shoe rack
i tell myself
"arh...i need a pair of wild heels and this leopard print heels just look so wild now
and keep calling me to bring it home....."
after home
"hmm... turn right turn left , like not so nice huh~ i dont think it suit me..
i seem like dont have a dress which can match this!!
Okay, i think im going to post online and lelong this pre-loved item"

i post it online at forum and i sell it at Rm30 (never wore before)
OMG, super duper cheap cheap sell , just want to let go!

And .... one month , two months ...... four months later....
no buyer!!   =_=
Charles & Keith wor ... and Rm30 still no one "heart" for it ?
is it too wild liao huh?

till half year later , finally today NanaPatricia was inpired and she got an idea to make it alive back!

My heels re-design project!!

i need lace , black in color lace,
i need super glue and no more.
I just want to turn it to black color which easily to match with any outfits
Firstly , i use the lace to make a rose, it's handmade rose by me! (",)

then the project started and the outcome!

I'm pretty satisfying and ....

i'm not going to sell it anymore now!!!

Ciao , wait for my next updates on this pair of heels, okay ....
i'm loving it


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