Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to sustain Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life?

hohoho... ever since i upgraded my Android to Ice Cream Sandwich/ICS 4.0
Omg ... my phone battery drain so fast ... 
I tried many ways to do research, google solutions to solve it. 
And i found this , i give myself a try since a month ago.

and Well , i would like to highly recommend this 

to all the Samsung Galaxy S2 users.

It serve me well and the battery life last longer. 

Let me know if you have better ideas!

Life is all about sharing and ideas~ 


  1. Hi,maybe you should try this as well,it work well.
    Go to settings - mobile networks - network data - select gsm mode

    1. Hi,thanks,my colleague taught me the same before,but it become gsm mode only,network became slow....which I don't quite like.however,I'll opt for this if I'm at overseas. =)


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