Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A worth-visiting Hi-Tea in the Heart of KL!! ♥♥♥ Get High on Sugar Thirty8!

It's our friendship day!

May the early morning sun,
Shine on you today;
A gentle wind caress you,
As you walk along life's way.

I wish you health and happiness, 
As the day comes into view;
And may each hour be blessed,
With friendships fond and true.

May your dreams all be fulfilled,
You reach your every goal;
And at the ending of the day,
May peace touch your heart and soul.

(a poem by Marian Jones) 

My friend who has traveled 300km to visit me in KL 
on her birthday!

and, i've arranged a series of activities to celebrate her birthday!
i've told her , the highlight of the trip would be 
Get High on Sugar Afternoon Tea at Thirty 8 , Grand Hyatt !!

So , what is it so special about Grand Hyatt 38 Cafe!
Firstly, it is located at 38 floor , facing KLCC Twin Towers!

Secondly, the view is fantastic and ; KL , you are so gorgeous!

Thirdly, the mouth watering foods and desserts selection!

It is definitely a worthwhile spending afternoon, 
indulge with 
great foods , great view and great friends!

for drinks, they served sparkling water, mojito, tea, coffee, milkshake etc! 
Strawberry milk shake

Wide selection of tea !! your pick!
for foods, they served it HOT!
They served based on what you've order!
Hot meals served in a la cart

They have dim sum, meatball, noodles, pastries, carrot cake, and they served QUINOA SALAD too!
and Quinoa Salad is also a shake salad! Very creative salad!

The kitchen where chef are busy for the hot foods!

for desserts, too much of the variety!
Too many options! 
They have macaroon, assorted cakes, cookies, marshmallow coated with chocolate, Nitrogen Coconut Sorbet, Strawberry Milkshake, tarts & many more!

I love the dark chocolate at the chocolate bar!

love the Nitrogen Coconut Sorbet...
Love everything ... 
the only bad part about everything is , 
my stomach is not big enough to swallow everything!

The interior design is classy and Victorian style..

Click to view my video to believe!

I'm really appreciate the birthday surprise from the staff to my friend!

Well done, Thirty8 crews!
We love it!

The view from Thirty8 cafe!

Lastly , let's end the session with a cup of coffee!

And once again, thank you Thirty 8 ,
Great service with reasonable price!
I'll be back!

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