Thursday, April 6, 2017

✔ how to pack smart & pack light ? Minimalism Travel

How to PACK LIGHT to TRAVEL light?

Firstly , have you ever heard about minimalism concept?
i always like to label myself as minimalist!
Yes.. always that simple! 
i've recalled clearly about my "future house" concept to my school friend when i was 17yrs old..
a house has no partition wall.. hello .. what kind of concept?
Lol ... if you are interested on this topic! PM me!
Today , we are going to talk about Pack Smart & Pack Light
or the Minimalism Travel!

 half your suitcase
hmmm ... I wonder if you're "adventurous" to take on this challenge - half your suitcase!
Make buying new items as part of the fun of your adventure!
For e.g. - Traveling to a country for 6 days 
you bring only 6 pcs of clothing with you!
1 pcs of pajamas
1 pcs of jeans
1 pcs of short pants
3 pcs of shirts or nice blouses
Be creative on your mix & match outfit throughout your 
FUN? aha~
Oh ya ... a Pashmina shawl in your hand carry handbag !
(in case, if you feeling cold inside the plane)
and this Pashmina is not part of the 6 items ya~ 
haha... NanaPatricia , you're cheating your readers've got 7 pcs in total!

✔  capitalize the space
hmm... maximize the space of the suitcase...
What i normally do - 
 Roll my clothing instead of folding them, sealed in air tight storage bag
Put face cream, facial wash, toner etc liquid type of beauty essential to a contact lens case
All kinds of cables(phone,camera) in my sunglasses case since my sunnies will be on my nose
stuff shoes with my USB power world adapter or any smaller items

personally i find this dual function world adapter/multi socket is very useful 
a must have in your suitcase!
stow shoes with a SHOWER CAP to prevent dirty sole contact with my clothing
slot in some face sheet mask at the side compartment
to prevent leak - put it inside a ziplock plastic bag 
cover the cap of the bottle with a layer of plastic paper to prevent leak!

Lastly , enjoy the video below~ it's a wrap of the above!

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