Monday, January 25, 2016

Chicken Floss Mini Springs Roll (Thermomix TM31 + Philips Air Fryer recipe)

It's CNY season~
Due to some health reason , i cant eat this kind of mini spring rolls since kid..
yeah , most of the mini spring roll are Dried Shrimp Spring rolls..
i cant eat Shrimp!
But ever since i know how to cook , finally i can eat this CNY delicacies dy ! 
I'm going to introduce Thermomix + Philips AF Chicken Floss Mini Spring Rolls!

Thermomix + Philips AF Chicken Floss Spring Rolls 

Thermomix + Philips AF Chicken Floss 
500g       Chicken Fillet
200g       water
  20g       sesame oil
  60g       Sugar
    5g       Dark Soya sauce
1/2tsp     Five Spice powder
   1tsp     Salt

1. Place all ingredients into TM bowl ,    MC , Varoma , 20 min , Reverse Spoon
2. Then shred , 100°c , Reverse , Sp5 , cook till dry & flossy
3. Preheat 170°c  3min , Chicken Floss pour into basket,  AF 170°c  7min

Philips AF Chicken Floss Mini Spring Rolls
chicken floss
popiah skin
unsalted butter

1. Add adequate amount of chicken floss on your square popiah skin
2. Roll and seal with unsalted butter
3. Air fry the roll for 4min (AF 180°c)
4. Shake and AF for another 4min
i cut into 9 square pieces

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