Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DressyPat15 : Lovely office wear from Doublewoot!

NanaPatricia  doublewoot ootd

*woot* Doublewoot is really every ladies' must have piece in their wardrobe!

Was introduced to this Doublewoot Online Fashion Store by numbers of my female colligs~

Tada! here is my purchase from Doublewoot Store!

doublewoot ootd

The quality is really good! I love it so much when i first receive it, the courier service is fast as well!
You will receive it basically the next day once your payment done!

Some tips for you here, there is a special discount for first time register!
So, if you're really ♥heart♥ any items from here- Doublewoot Online Fashion Store
Get yourself register first to enjoy the special discount!

P/s: This dress is really fit to your body shape, do not purchase this design of dress if you don't feel comfortable to show the feminine side of you, alternatively , please look for skater dresses, it can cover our tummy perfectly!! Look cute and slim at the same time!  (",)


Updated 6th April 2014

Another *woot woot* piece from double woot!
Photo was taken on my birthday dinner at La Scala Italian Fine Dining!

doublewoot ootd


Updated 15th August 2014


Updated 27th June 2015

Another dazzles dress for wedding events or any function!
Derciaz Mint Green!
Very comfy material and looks so elegant!

Updated 12th May 2018

Star Wars Rey's Inspiration dress!
hahaha...  just kidding!

Doplex Dress (Size L)


Updated 10th Aug 2018

Sexy Bareback dress!
Doperliav (Size M)

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