Sunday, January 5, 2014

♥ Rekindle Cafe @ SS2 ♥ Damansara Uptown

 Make a wish?!
nah! "Rekindle" my addiction to Americano!! Lol

yop... no cappuccino, no flat white, no hot chocolate ...
but my all time fave - Americano @ Rm 8

and Cappuccino @Rm9  

This newly open cafe was not listed under 

but it's "outshine" enough for you if you passing by SS2

Rekindle Cafe

This cafe doesn't appear to be EXTRA ATTRACTIVE... since then ,why am i enter it ?
Well, it doesn't look attractive if compare to many cafes here -  KL Cafe Hopping
But .. but wait , it alwys packed with people! sometimes , you will see people gather outside and it seem like inside is full and you have to que-ing at the outside of the cafe...

So , after Sunday service, i decided to hang out with my friend at this cafe since it is near to my housing area.. why not ? (who requested not to expose)
Once entered inside, wow ....
an old days bicycle hanging under a modern day's air-conditioner!

 a machine of Dreams?!

 The cozy corner with fluffy beanbag 

Wait, so much of old items! Spot anything which reminisce your childhood days?
Well , i spot a few , i saw that kind of Telephone at my house long long time ago!

Are you still remember how to dial it ?  (",)

and the iron ... you know how heavy it is ?  (",)
 Oh well , where to get this items? i never really ask the bosses, but my gut feeling tells me that, 
they got from here , the Central Market !

 Hmm ... red velvet cake @Rm11.90
This cake attracted me perfectly, it's like calling me ....  "eat me , eat me please"

Since i'm going to eat this little piece of cake, i cant take any drink with sugar, 
so ...  i option for Americano   "p
Americano without sugar! i must emphasize it! 
cuz the velvet cake itself is sweet enough to replace my sugar for coffee!

rekindle cafe ss2

 Once i sat down , put my foot down, err ... how come it is moving ?!
Have a look !! Cool , the desk was redesigned from a sewing machine!
Non stop making fun of it!

Ehem .... excuse me, i need to go to toilet! while searching for the restroom signboard and 
i saw this cute display on the door, push the door and I entered in ...
mirrors !! wow !! 
So it turn out to be like this ...

rekindle cafe ss2

Far king cute.. and interesting! Isn't it?
So, if you plan to visit this cafe, please remember to "check-in" their restroom lo.....

Alright, cheers and bye~

Rekindle cafe Facebook:

Please remember to visit 

I would rate it
Environment : ♥♥♥♥♥ (very unique cafe which will warm your heart!)
Foods: ♥♥♥ (i tried the Red Velvet cake, fair enough, not really sweet)
Drinks: ♥♥♥
Coffee smell: ♥♥
Parking: ♥♥ (weekend/PH is free!)

Visited Uptown branch for few times..
Well, the interior design is not as exclusive as SS2 branch
But, Uptown branch is more spacious if compare to SS2
So I'll take it as a plus point! 

The coffee selection and cakes selection are the same for both branches

I've tried Tiramisu Kahlua & Salted Caramel Chocolate cake..

TIRAMISU has a very strong taste of alcohol

Chocolate cake although looks "dark & black" but it isn't really that sweet ya! 

Worth to try! 

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