Wednesday, January 1, 2014

♥ Coffee Stain by Joseph @Publika ♥

where else can i go ?!

just realize i cant really depend on this Top 20 cafe post in

So here , i found!  3D coffee arts!

Driving around KL , everywhere jam , jam , jam like strawberry jam , 
so alwys is your best friend in the car!
there is this Jin Lim, the DJ,  i guess everyone also know about him and his Jinnyboytv!
Right ? Everyone know him!
Okay , there is this production of him - The Conversation Over Coffee
Oh, crappy nice!
Lol , click the youtube below and enjoy it !

You saw that? there is this cafe in the youtube,

I Google it , hmmm , Google is always my best friend!
To my surprise, Coffee Stain by Joseph serve 3D arts coffee!!

Oh no , i must go there !!

Searching ... searching ....
arh ! found !

this the menu .... but which should i order so that i could have the 3D arts coffee?!

i decided to ask the Barista!
Pat: erm , i'm actually here because of Jinnyboytv, nor... the coffee in the conversations over coffee
Barista: oh , you mean the 3D arts? that is Dark Chocolate! so you want the 3D arts?
Pat: yup, i want Dark Chocolate with 3D arts!
Barista: okay , will do for you as per request.   ^_^

Du du du du ..... waiting .....  looking around 

the first drink - Cappuccino @Rm8.50
Nicely done coffee arts!
Du du du du .... Waiting...... Du du du .....
 i was so surprise! feeling myself like a princess when my Dark Chocolate was served from behind to me!!

oh my goodness , first thing to do !! F.I.T.   FIT!
What is FIT?
Don't know? Lol! Watch the YouTube link then.

I really rate ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ max to the coffee arts in this cafe!
Dark Chocolate @Rm15

click the video to see 
You are watching me drinking my ICE chocolate
p/s : revisit on Oct 2014 , i would strongly recommend their Ice Chocolate !! 

I would rate it
Environment: ♥♥♥
Foods: (i didn't order any foods here, i'm here for 3D arts)
Drinks: ♥♥♥♥♥  (very nicely done coffee arts or 3D arts)
Coffee smell at cafe: ♥♥♥♥♥  
(you will smell the nice smell once you enter the cafe and very sure that you are in the right shop)
Parking: ♥ (opps, not free, Solaris Dutamas parking rate!)

After the coffee , went to jalan jalan ... okay , Coffee Stain by Joseph is quite packed during PH or weekends, so i can't really study then, since i can't study, then i go shopping lo...   ^_^

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