Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bistro Den Den @Oasis Ara Damansara

I'm here for this!

Rilakkuma Omurice @ Bistro Den Den

And the menu 

It is so cute by just looking at the menu! 
Without any hesitation , i go for "Good night bear plate"
so you might be wondering , what's the different between Morning and Sleeping bear plate?
different emotion ?!
No, different sauces , white sauce or black sauce.
There is two bears (Adult Plate) or one bear (Kids Plate)
i go for the Kids Plate which come with a orange juice. 
The portion was just nice for me , erm ..... i actually cant finish it .. hehe 

i have mash potatoes , fries , chicken katsu , mushroom fried rice, omelette   

it is so lovely till i actually stared at it for few minutes , i mean it , few minutes !!
is like 5 minutes by looking at the plate , the plate and nothing else!
And i realize the girl next table, she hasn't even started her dish even though her bf has finished his bowl of Udon~  lol !!!
 This is GIRL !!!
 We are GIRL !!

Can i look at it for few more minutes ?

I promise, after this photo , i will Start

Eh , why don't we take off the blanket and have a look inside first ? 

Arh !!! Shy shy ... u peep at bear bear !!

=_=  , chopstick cut the head into two! 
Well, let's get started finally ... 

Others than this Omurice , we had Smoked Platter Appetizer (Smoked Duck , Fish , Chicken) @Rm22 and Cheezy Pizza @Rm17
Thanks to the Bistro Den Den 's team 
for all these delicious Modern Japanese Fusion

I can't wait for my next visit to Bistro Den Den again !! 
Maybe with my bff , maybe my girlfriendsssssssss, maybe my sistas............
I enjoyed my Christmas dinner max ! 
How about you ?

28 Jan 2014
 and yup ! i went for the second time with my beloved mei mei!
Do we look alike?!

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25 Dec 2014

Hohoho... i was here last year today also !!
what a big changed on me!
Re-visit with a different title this year! Last year today , you can call me Ms. Patricia , but today this year, 
i'm a Mrs.  @_@ 

I'm coming back today because of WorthyBook refer here

I must emphasize once again , hey , 

My bear bear meal @Rm10 , cuz i'm a smart consumer !

Oden Set Lunch @Rm18

Teriyaki Set Lunch @Rm24

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