Monday, April 29, 2013

My new hobbies - Ukulele

i started my ukulele journey with this ........

Then , i got my new Cordoba Ukulele as birthday gift for my late 20s birthday!
Got my present from here
Ukulele 101, the owner is really a friendly person.
(He is actually a friend of mine,therefore very good price was given)
The service was good even though we are friend.
Had introduce a few friends to him, all giving me good feedbacks, so I believe it is all about attitude!
P/S: this store provide delivery services as well!

The first song which i learnt was 关怀方式

One of my all time favorites!

C           G        Am7      Em
寂寞开在心事旁 随手种一些伤感 
F           C         Dm7      G
不让星星来窥探 找个沉默的夜晚
C           G        Am7      Em
找个沉默的夜晚 不让星星来窥探 
F           C         Dm7      G    C
随手种一些伤感 寂寞开在心事旁
         C           G          Am7      Em 
* 我的关怀方式是你无法察觉的悲凉 
F               C          Dm7      G
       C          G            Am7      Em
你往常的亲切友善 是我今生的遗憾 
    F           C          Dm7 G    C
受伤后无悔的埋在不流露 的脸上

This song best play with guitar, the chords which i found is mainly for guitar
i couldn't find the chords for ukulele
therefore , i try to use this chords for my ukulele
and it turn out not bad actually  

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