Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beauty & The Beast Musical@ Sunway Amphitheatre

it was my first time going to musical play
the musical which i'm going to watch is 
Beauty and The Beast 
this musical was held at Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon 
Although this amphitheater located inside Sunway Lagoon, not to worry, you need not to purchase for Sunway Lagoon entrance ticket in order for you to enter Sunway Lagoon
you need to go to Surf Beach entrance and then you will see this 

so you going to take this to amphitheater
do not judge a book by it's cover!
this is not a toy train, it was a really thrill ride for me, the train is so fast like sitting on roller coaster!

then we arrived!

the show stated that starts at 730pm
 i reached at about 7pm

as you can see, not so many people yet

the crowd started

Alright , the show start at about 820pm!!
Due to some minister was late, as she purchase the same day ticket as me.
It wasn't a pleasant experience for me due to the delay. 
It suppose to start at 730pm but drag till 820pm!
i think the organizer should notice on this issue. 

The band, the sound system, the singer, the musical has it standard. Overall still not too bad. 
But ....
with the same price, i really rather spend the same price to Hong Kong Disneyland, that is much more worth it. The musical show or plays inside Disneyland has it's quality and standard, the ticket price is really worth for it's value!

maybe because of Christmas is around the corner, the amphitheater started to snow when it come to the end!
hmm .... good ending with surprises!

 ticket original price Rm130
hmm ... really too pricey for such standard. 
The organizer should really revise their price. 

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