Saturday, September 1, 2012

+Wondermilk Cafe @Damansara Uptown

hmm .. before i go to bed , i must blog about this cafe which i accidently found today!
how it all started ? i mean how do i fall in love with cup cake?
few days ago, i got one cute little tiny cup cake 

from my colleague for her baby's full moon birthday celebration!
No joke!
that was my first time eating cup cake!
hmm , very good taste! and i love it!

Today, so happen that i went to Damansara Uptown for my lunch
and on the same row shophouses, i found this Attractive shop which drew my attention...
+WonderMilk Cafe

let's take a look inside
they are selling cupcakes!!

so , i decided to give it a try!
The deco and cozy environment in this cafe is just so perfect for your tea time hang-out!

Just that i'm not sure about the taste of the cup cake...
Would it taste wonderful as how it look like? or how it brand as ? Wondermilk?
but think about it , a cafe which mainly selling cup cake and able to survive at damansara area with
another 2 more branches at Citta Mall and Publika...
Oh .... "don't play play" which came across my mind 

Due to the fullness from my lunch, i didn't choose to dine-in here
instead, i choose to take-away....

these Four cup cakes cost me RM17!!
wow wow wow...
costly dessert!

I choose Cookies n Cream, Peanut Butter, Blueberries Cheese, Lemon, 4 flavours
4 types of cupcakes to enjoy RM1 discount

Cookies n Cream Cup Cake @ RM4.50

Hmm ... there is an art to eat a cup cake, if you notice the cup design for cup cake...
the "cup" itself using solid paper, which mean it is not design for you to peel and eat...

how to eat then?
Ta da ... a spoon la!
haha ... i was taught by some smart colleague who take care of their image, use a spoon...

for the first time i ate my cup cake, i peel and ate like im eating a watermelon!
which create a funny scene...i would said looks like Pet (Pat)

hmmm ... how does it taste ?!
we need a result for this
Wondermilk Cupcake

i give 100% for cream n cookies flavour!

 Look at my satisfying face and the empty cup

the answer is clear!
I would pay a second visit for sure!

and i will dine-in for sure during my next visit to +WonderMilk!!


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