Thursday, September 27, 2012


tada..i'm here today

14, Jln 21/22, Seapark
46300 Petaling Jaya, MY
Opening hours: Tues - Sun (5pm - 10:30pm)

pls go earlier, i will tell you why in this blog... hehe ...

i'm wearing Yellow Peplum Dress

a burger lab which start off by 3 young entrepreneur, read their page description! 
i'm here to support my friend's business! Contribute business to this burgerlab!
Well, even without my dearest support,
this lab has already full with very good respond from the media, public, and bloggers!

Yes, when i arrived here at this shop...
hello, no joke, look at the crowd! Oh my goodness.. so many people... meh....

Standing in the Q and start pondering what shall i order ...

then, there is this lovely lady address herself as "menu assistant" offer herself to introduce us their menu...

i placed my order -> A+ Burger as recommended by her (best seller here)

The Burger Lab ... making process

And the photos corner

The decorations on the wall 

Cam-whoring while waiting, my number was 89 , when i sat down at my table, the Q number still at 79.  

finally 89 and the arrival of my burger from the lab...

Guinea pig going to taste on it!
(left) Beautiful Mess Ala Carte @Rm18 ; (right) A + Set @Rm21 with bottomless soft drink

It's look a bit weird especially the black in color bun. 
But the taste was fantastic! Beef patty quite juicy.

Oh ya , if you cant take beef, you may opt for chicken

Since it is a crowded places, therefore the burgers are selling fast. 

Trust me , last orders end at about 8:45pm and all burgers were sold out at 8:45pm!

watch out 8tv introduction!

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