Saturday, March 10, 2012

~Wedding Bells~

March 2012 , a season for wedding~
Went for a wedding today, the wedding dinner held at one of the hotel in KL.

I bought this dress from Nichii, I love this dress so much when I first tried on it. However slowly after I bought it home, I realize that this dress can’t really fit me well and make me looks stunning in front of my full body mirror at home. Uhmm… kinda sad .

Then I thought of it, it doesn’t fit me well because of the material and also it is not meant to fit u nor shape you.
Alright, I accept it but I thought of I should be able to make a change on this lovely dress of mine. This is really a lovely dress with its lycra material and also the rainbow colors…..

First , I push to focus the cloths from side to middle at my below bust line, to make a nice shape, then I fixed it with a small pin as picture shown below .

And then, I put on one pink ribbon to hide the pin. Here is the picture.

And … the final product ….
Hmm …. Call it a day and I’m going to sleep … Wait a minute , remove the make up properly before you go to bed !!

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