Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~i pass through the Time-space...........~

Yup , i pass through the Time-space.
 I went back to 1986.5.26 , when i was about 2 yrs old (follow english calendar, however, my dad forgot my english calendar age and keep said qiqi which is myself
was 3 yrs old)
I'm the first child for my parent, both of them were happy newly married couple who just got their first child.....They recorded down our conversation in cassette ....
I convert it into .mp3 format after i found this cassette tape..
it's a gift from them ! (",)

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  1. lol~~~ "qi qi arr~~~"
    i think u're better in echo-ing than talking when u were three.
    Ur parents really ARE patient na~~~ out of deep love i think.
    Felt blessed n missed ur dad n mum d? then come back JayBee !!! miss u too~~xoxo

    1. Pei Ling , i was two years old back in 1986 ... not 3 yrs old , they forgot my age ! =_=


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