Saturday, December 24, 2005

MusicBlog 05

Baby 21 @ 2005   

那是个Sunday Service,那天的主题的是 “上帝与你同在“ Emmanuel. "

灵感就这样来了。。写一首关于Emmanuel, 主,与你同在的歌。


I was inspired from a Sunday Service with the topic- Emmanuel to compose this song.
i always believe that it was a gifted talent from God, i never had any proper music lesson before, but it was so blessed that i'm able to do song composing. 

This song was completed on the night before Christmas in year 2005. A very basic demo without any music instrument.

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(芳)心 (琪)祷
词曲 :芳琪

我要送你一份礼物  (I have a gift for you)
它的名字叫祈祷  (I named the gift as “pray to the God” )
请你放心你不孤独 (you are not alone , not to worry)
他会一直陪你到老 (GOD is with you till ages)

模糊前路为你开路 (God is with you even the path is not clear)
没有什么能阻扰 ( nothing can stop God to lead you )
请你放心勇敢跨步 (please walk with faith)
那会是理想的怀抱 (it would be the warmest embrace from God to you)

伊曼努尔  Emmanuel
放心祈祷  (just pray)
伊曼努尔  Emmanuel
他会听到  (He will listen)

请你放心祈祷  (just pray with peaceful heart)

在这个圣诞节的前夕  (in this Christmas eve )
我没有什么能给你 (I have nothing for you)
只有他能给你 (He is the only one able to provide you)
明天的惊喜 (the surprises on tomorrow)

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