Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to purchase from TaoBao China????

yop, it was a pleasant experience to shop with TaoBao. 
i heard about TaoBao many years ago but never do i have a chance to deal with TaoBao ever since i started my 

Yes, I'm an online shopaholics !! 

This is purchase from TaoBao also, link to purchase the same wig as me
--)) hair extension (

Today i'm going to share about my shopping experience with TaoBao!!
Firstly , u need to find one agent to help you to buy goodies from TaoBao. 
I got the help from this agent - Xiao Tao TaoBao from Facebook. 
well , little knowledge to share about Tao Bao. 
TaoBao was founded by Jack Ma  马云

I read about this guy after i watched 中国合伙人
this is a very inspiring and motivation Chinese movie which talked about American dreams in China. 
 Alright , back to the topic, after i watched this movie, i actually went and Google about Jack Ma. 
He is another inspiring person, from him, 
I learned every success does not come easily in life, it required perseverance. 

Here is the Taobao website -
or the TaoBaoEnglish

I will choose "current location, 所在地" to GuangZhou, to ensure faster delivery services, 
it took about 1 week from China to Malaysia if your location selection was GuangZhou.

Tips to share: normally i will try to find free postage's goodies. This is because since i'm going to pay for the freight charges from China to Malaysia and yet if i still go for goodies with China Local Delivery charges, 
it will eventually hike up my cost of purchase. 
Well, i always go for "cheapskate" stuffs anyway!  (",)
Here we go , let me share with you on some of my purchases!!

Personally i love the polaroid casing very much and also the grey pink tops !
here is the link , if you have the same "taste" as me!

Normally i will send to my agent like this :
1) 粉色7s卡通包
2) 粉灰格 L size
3) 浅蓝色 M size

Love this dress very much !! very comfy and satisfying !! 
Good material , soft and blowy!

4) 棕褐色
Link , click here

after send the link to the agent , agent will help you to place order. 
Same time, agent will send you confirmation page, make sure you check carefully on your orders yo~

Alright , end with my TaoBao shopping experience!
EnJoy online shopping everyone ! 

Or visit this blog for my latest experience with TaoBao ASEAN via Maybank2u

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