Sunday, November 18, 2018

NanaPatricia visit Habitat by Honestbee and her reviews

wow , November 2018 marked the 9th month of me living in Singapore!
I've survived for 9 months in Singapore! okay, still counting , i believe!

SO ..  yesterday i went to this newly open HYPE supermarket in Singapore, they just opened in mid of October 2018 okay... 
Habitat by Honestbee, the first tech-enabled, multi-sensory grocery & dining destination in Singapore.

Enjoy my video here, if wording is a disaster to you!

Well, if you compare it with AmazonGo, of course, still a long way to go ... but it is always a good start, you see!

I really love the end to end cashier-less and cash-less system available in this destination here!
It's a place where only smart phone can work for you!

yes, you need a SMART PHONE to enable every sensors here! 

Firstly , you need a bee pass to enter the store, no worries, multiple entry with one bee pass is allowed!

So to speak, if you do not have a smart phone, bring lah your friends who has a smart phone with you!

How to get here?
Either by free shuttle bus from Labrador Park MRT 
Habitat By honestbee free shuttle timetable
Free shuttle services timetable
take bus no. 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176 to Harbourside Ind Bldg 2 bus stop (15169)
once alight from the bus , turn to your left , 

walk for about 3 min , there you will arrive at the Habitat by Honestbee

There are free wifi and QR code for you to scan and download the apps. 

Alright, it is a grocery & dining destination, 

so you get to shop for fresh produces imported from overseas here.

One thing to mention, there is no cashier in this place here, 
the concept is about end to end cashier-less and cashless system
thus, you got to add in your debit/ credit card into the apps 
and there is a minimum of charges applied when you add in your debit/ credit card..
how sad ... $0.50 also money eh ... 😔

You don't have to go to the food stall and looking for menu, again, 
the menu is available in the apps, pick and select from the apps!

You might find it troublesome when you order the foods, 
the cons here is that you can not cross food stall when you order the foods, 
unlike taobao shopping, you can purchase goods from different shop and do 
an one off payment when checkout. 

Here in Habitat, once you select the foods and add into the cart, you need to make payment straight. 
After that, you may go to the next stall , pick and select the foods from another stall again, 
there is no stall crossing one off payment here. 

Well, though it is slightly different kind of "online shopping" methodology
 but i think is a smart consumer marketing / behaviour strategy,
it is to prevent user to simply add & remove item from cart before they proceed with their one off payment. 
so if you are also a ONLINE shopping queen like me, 
i bet you get what i mean here right, don't you?
Don't you also tend to add/remove item before you checking out? 
Lol ... 

So, it is a "force payment" or "force decision" here for  you when you shop for your foods at habitat.

This utensil here is a plastic utensil in SILVER colour! Lol .. cool right? hahahah... silver colour plastic utensil
And while waiting for the foods ready for collection, you can do some grocery shopping at the same time too! the price tag is quite reasonable , it is about the same as NTUC fair price.
Look out from Honestbee special promotion! it is very cheap actually!

And im really happy to see that Habitat having 
small pack of rices or small pack of onions, garlics available 
for small family like us , family of 2 pax! 

For every item that you put into your trolley, remember to scan and pay 
before you check out your trolley!  
You need to scan and check out the trolley at trolley check out point. 

And you can request for home delivery if the total damage is $40 and above! 

Lastly , enjoy my video! and thanks for reading!
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