Thursday, December 21, 2017

[Giveaway] Bye 2017 & Hello 2018!

It's the month of Festive Season and 
Back to December again!

I remember when i was young, i used to write down my new year resolutions in my diary.
But i'm not going to write down my new year resolutions today. 
I want to
reminisce my 2017!
[Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Giveaway]

🌹 January 🌹

I did a video in January for my rose shape dumplings! 

and had a great gathering with my dear friend back in my hometown - Johor Bahru
this cafe has a special flower tea , very interesting , click here to find out more


I went to Singapore and visited the Flower Dome!

👓 March 👓

Back in March , i bought myself a new glasses from
a lovely and trusted online store - shop your contact lenses online now!
They are having Christmas & New Year Sales now! Don't missed your chance for great deals!

Same time, i wrote about the Myths of Blue Cut Lenses!
I strongly recommend you to read this post of mine here
about the Myths and Important notes about Blue Cut Lenses!
I'm wearing Blue Cut Lenses for all my glasses now!
What about you?
Protect your eyes since 眼睛就是你的灵魂之窗!

🍰   April 🎂
To me, April = Birthday! Yeah, i had my birthday in Singapore!

My bff in Singapore had spent me a good meal in Singapore!
So happy! Yummy foods!

I went to Universal Studios Singapore as well!
doesn't looks like 33 hor...  haha

Happy 33th Birthday to me!

Besides my birthday celebration in Singapore.
I managed to unlock one more nice cafe in Petaling Jaya!
Haha ...
Read more on this cafe - Terracotta Cafe & Boutique

🏃 May 🏃
Hmm .. had my 1st 5km fun run in SCKLM2017!
a little bit regretting for not taking the 10km category!
I've told myself to challenge 10km category in SCSM2018!

A post shared by Nana Patricia (@_nanapatricia_) on

🌹 JuNe 🌹 

June was a happening month to me, i went for a BFF trip with my favourite girls!
We went to Hanoi & Halong Bay for a cruise trip!

let my photos and reviews here tell you the entire trip!

🌹 JUly 🌹

in July , i went to Bangkok for a short weekend getaway and visitation to my love one!
This will be the first time i stepped my foot on Bangkok!
I fall in love with this shopping paradise immediately!
and tell u a huge secret! I brought an empty luggage with me!
All my fashion in the photos below were actually "bought & wore" on the spot! read all here.

🌹 August 🌹

August = I love Melbourne month!
Yup, i went to Melbourne in August!
First time in my life, i get to see Kangaroos, wallabies, blue penguins, koala!
I love Australia wildlife!
read my post here if you would like to find our more
alternatively , let my video below tells you a thousand words of story!

🍵  SeptembEr 🍵

September 2017 was the mooncake festival month!
And i've make some mooncake for my relatives...
Shanghai mooncake was the most easiest mooncake recipe in the world.
Click here for the recipe!
don't say i "boh" share ya! 
i was just bo jio you to eat my mooncake nia! 😊

🍦 October 🍦

Okay , October was a big milestone for NanaPatricia as she migrate from blogspot to
Google Domain!
will be the new identity for
And she revamped the whole website to a mobile responsive website!
What do you think about this little change of her blog?
Do you like it?
Tell me your thoughts!

In the same month, NanaPatricia went for a staycation trip in KL with her bff again!
Click the video below for more!

🌹 NovEmBeR 🌹

November was the month i had my 48hrs in Saigon!
i went to Ho Chi Minh City to meet my love one!
Click here to find out more on the reviews and what to do in Saigon..
Or ... you may enjoy my vlog below!

🌹 DecemBeR 🌹

I love to visit Singapore during Christmas month!
For the Christmas lights & decorations in Orchard of cuz!
But , actually do you know that Malaysia especially KL has very nice decorations too!
Enjoy my video below for the Christmas decorations at places i went!
Okay, in this month of Festive Season , i want to be a Santa Claus for someone too! 

[Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Giveaway] Stand a chance to win Laneige BB Cushion no.13 from

As i wrote this last post of mine in 2017, i would like to give away one of my favorite cosmetics - Laneige BB Cushion to one of the lucky sista from my list of readers! 

1. Follow my Instagram / Facebook Page / Google +
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3. If you share any of my blog post on your Facebook / Google + , you will get additional chances to win this BB Cushion from me (remember to hashtag #nanapatriciagiveaway or screenshot for me)

#nanapatriciagiveaway ends at 13 Jan 2018 , 11:55pm. 

I think 2017 has been real good to me, it was truly a good good year!
After i've done all these past events compilation and bla bla bla... and i noticed..
hey , I've traveled to 4 countries in a year! 
Vietnam was repeated twice in a year!
and Singapore was like my 2nd home, went there numerous of times in a year!

I do hope that 2018 will be a year filled with lotsa overseas trips! 

Anyway, 2018 seem to be a real challenging year to me as
something big in my life gonna happen! 
A real big big project in my life!
Stay tuned with me and you shall know it very soon!

Last but not least, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

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