Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Wedding Anniversary @ EON51 Sky Dining

Another year has passed, last year this day, 
we were celebrated our anniversary in Cambodia.
we went to this, very nice French Restaurant - Khema in Cambodia

And this year this day, we were at Ho Chi Minh City!
We went to BITEXCO Financial Centre which located very near to our hotel
for a perfect Saigon skydining experiences!

BITEXCO Financial Tower
Photo credit to BITEXCO Financial Tower

Given the strategic location of Saigon River
and the booming economy in this city, 
Ho Chi Minh City is definitely another 
shinning pearl in the ASEAN region!
You should visit my post here to find out more on -
Why I have this comment to HCMC!

BITEXCO Financial Building consists 3 floors of restaurants  
where level 50 served the Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine; 
level 51 has the best Western Cuisine in the sky; 
and level 52 , the Skybar beside the Helipad!
eon51 sky dining
Photo credit to EON51 Sky Dining

We picked Western Cuisine as our choice, and we were allow to access to level 50, 51, & 52!   
I truly wish that i could ran for a round on the Helipad in the sky!
Well, i cant do my running there.. too bad.. 

You may be interested to find out more on their menu - click here to their online menu 

The restaurant has very nice Saigon view and also a lot of couple seats available in this restaurant. 
You will definitely have the enough privacy as you wish!

Bitexco skydeck sky dining
having a bird eyes view across the city from your seat

Okay, please have mental prepare to my
photos bomb next...
Bomb of mouth-watering photos!

Our dinner for the night!

I've ordered a Cod Fish for myself, i love Cod Fish! My FOREVER favorite, just like my husband!
How sweet! 😋
Personally, i do think that Baked Cod Fish is not the best cooking method for Cod Fish.
Eon51 baked cod fish

The best way to cook Cod Fish should be the Chinese style
soy sauce steam cod fish & pan fried cod fish)
I love the sauce and also the watermelon underneath the cod fish. 
the sauce was believe to be a mixture of Vietnam fish sauce and tuna flakes, a little bit of saltiness;
combined well with the sweetness from the watermelon. 

Eon51 whole lobster

Butter Garlic Grilled Whole Lobster
well, with this pricing (VND750,000 , that's super cheap, okay!) and this kind of environment, 
i believe that we have had the best of both worlds!
Just butter and garlic are enough for a piece of fresh seafood! Don't ya agree with me?

EON51 fine dining

Vanila and Chocolate Ice Cream as our desserts... 
Hmm... the chocolate ice cream was so refined that 
you would not believe that it's ice-cream!
dense in texture and melt in the mouth!

EON51 fine dining

EON51 fine dining

Lastly, on the surrounding of the restaurant...

HCMC night view

HCMC night view

i'm someone who DARE to UNDERDRESS than OVERDRESS! haha
I hope you do enjoy this post of mine writing about EON51 Sky Dining!

Feel free to share my post if you love it!


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