Monday, November 28, 2016

♥ the world : Dine in the Dark , Phnom Penh Cambodia

this is not the first time I went for such 
once-in-a-life-time experience!
you may click on the link above, if you would like to find out more!

This round, i'm going to bring my beloved to experience such 
wonderful dinner in Phnom Penh!

We took a tuk tuk from hotel to

126, Street 19 , Phnom Penh, Cambodia
6:30pm - 11pm

The entrance is so catchy!

the tripadvisor banner especially!!
Yeah , it was rated no.4 restaurant in Phnom Penh!!
Everyone should try it if you are visiting Phnom Penh!

the whole restaurant is so purple-ish ... 

the great lighting for selfie huh~

Okay, let's check out the menu. What do they serve ... 

it's a 3 course meal @ USD18
They have International , Khmer, Vegetarian!

So, which one should i go for ? Khmer menu was my choice!

Below is the drink menu for Dine in the dark!

After ordering, we were told to keep all our gadget which able to create lights into this box prepare by Dine in the dark!

Locked and safe !

and then we were introduced to our Guide of the night - Honey!
We followed her to our table!

The place was really dark , total darkness..
since this is not my first time going in to such a total darkness place, 
i was well prepared!
I don't feel scare or lost if i were to compare my 1st experience at here
I feel secure maybe partially because of my husband was with me to experience it together!

The foods was nice! My Khmer menu turn out to be surprisingly delicious and tasty!
Enjoyed my dinner very much at this restaurant! 

I've a great dinner with my husband, 
we talked a lot during our dining. 
Of course , we started of with some guessing games, 
we were asking each others to explain the foods that we ate 
(my hb pick the International menu)

to add on a little fun to the night, 
both of us tried to feed each others with our plate of foods!
(haha, i was lucky that my hb manage to feel my mouth and fed me with a mouthful of meat!)
and we touched and feel each others face in the dark!

While i eating my plate of foods, i was thinking, 
the presentation of the foods is not important, 
i won't know if the kitchen just mix everything for me 
just like a plate of salad , since i can't see at all for now...

but to my surprise , when we walked pass the counter after our meal, 
i saw how the kitchen prepared the foods for their customers after us!
the food presentation is very nice!! 5 stars food presentation!
then only i've realized that 
i've missed to taste one of the item in the middle of my plate! 
apparently that was my appetizer of the night !
Three items of foods as my appetizer,
and I've tasted only 2 out of the 3!
What a missed and waste of foods!!

I've thought i had finished everything ?!
Arh.. Failed!

Btw, the portion of foods was really big!
for this price , it is worth your money and time to pay this restaurant a visit 
to support for a good cause!

Thank you, the crew from Dine in the Dark, Phnom Penh!
You guys are friendly , professional and good English speaking!
the foods are definitely rated 5 stars!
We had fun! Truly a great start for our trip in Phnom Penh!
(it was my first meal ever since I touched down the airport)
and i'm glad that my hb love this experience very much!


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