Saturday, November 26, 2016

♥ the world : Daughters of Cambodia, Sugar & Spice Cafe

Due to some reason , i get the chance to explore this land .. 
before this, i don't have much ideas on this country, 
however, tend to heard a lot of 
corruption , human trafficking , wealth inequality etc .. 
finally . i've got the chance to visit this country and understand it with my own eyes...
We went to this place call Daughters of Cambodia , a place to help all the daughters of Cambodia
Daughters of Cambodia can be found at 
 #321, Siswath Quay, facing Tonle Sap River

You able to find all sort of handmade souvenirs from the store..
everything is so beautiful..

I did my shopping here..
these are my pick in support for a good cause.

After my shopping , we went up to the Sugar & Spice cafe for our lunch of the day~
The entrance 

and the decoration in the cafe, click the video below for more info

Everything here are all handmade by the Daughters of Cambodia!

They are so lovely !

Love the menu , love the special design coasters.. love everything!

Here come my lunch!

tomato soup 

beer battered fish 

Overall , the foods are nice!
The place is cosy , clean , perfect for lunch along the river!


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