Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My wedding anniversary @ Khema French Restaurant Phnom Penh!

This year is a little bit special to us, due to some reason,
we celebrated our post-wedding anniversary in Cambodia!
Khema French Restaurant was rated no.1 in TripAdvisor!

So , we've picked this French restaurant in Phnom Penh for our celebration!
The exterior of the restaurant!

and the interior design of the restaurant!

The menu is very special , like a magazine , filled with information!
 you may click the link below for my video , to have an insight on the Khema menu

Or the short video introduction of Khema
by the team!

Personally , i feel that this free flow breakfast @USD 10 is really value for money!
if you would like to pay for a visit , please visit them from 6am - 10am daily.

The selections are variety .. 
below is the breakfast menu..

pick your order from the menu and they will served it hot for you!
Free flow!!

and the drinks menu.. varies from fresh juice , premium tea , coffee .. 
again , free flow!! 

the breads selection

the cakes , macaroon , cupcakes , chocolate selection at additional charges~

The dining table presentation

Nana Patricia in action, looking at the menu, thinking what she would like to has for her breakfast...

Guess what is this that i'm holding with ? It's freezing cold!

Tada, it's butter for the bread! looks like a soap, though .. haha

the coffee..

here come my breakfast!

Egg Benedict with Spinach!

Poach Egg!!

Personally I like this noodle soup very much!
the soup is really tasty! a must try!

Lastly , let's cheers with fresh juice ~

Time flies, and this is the 2nd year of my marriage life, 
i give thanks to Lord for bringing my husband into my life... 
he guided me a lot , transformed me.. 
We were totally two different person, we have differences in our personality, 
different family background, 
he speak english in his family;
and I speak mandarin in my family.





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