Wednesday, September 14, 2016

♥ Korea Day 5: Lotte World + Doota Duty Free(太阳的后裔)♥


Lotte World , I'm coming!

I didn't bring my Samsung NX mini with me ,  a lot of photos are taken by Samsung S6. 
well, i'm all set ready for 
Thrilling and Adventurous rides!
Do you think i'm BOLD enough to do all these thrill?

follow me ! and .. you shall find out the answer soon!
This themepark start it's operation at 9:30 am till late night , 11pm!
Well, if you plan to stay back late, i will advise you to book your rides slot before 7pm. 
This is because all the rides is available for reservation slots only once the clock clicking at 7pm. 
I didn't do my homework well , so i missed my chance to finish up my 

Tips: this magic pass is very useful , please remember to download the apps from Play or iTunes. 
Magic pass is something like a fast pass.. each of the ticket holder entitled for 3 magic passes!
 you will need to book your reservation slot first , i've noticed the slot is free up normally every hour!
For example , if most of the slot is from 00:30 to 00:45 intervals, you need to get ready 
to turn on your apps at about 00:15 intervals to wait for the release of slots,
all the rides are very fast booked by visitors!
so you got to be fast and patient!
for my case below, in order for me to secure this slot that i want, 
I probably need to get ready by 10:15am and wait for the release of slot to secure a reservation!
2nd tips , if you travel in group , get one person to download this apps, 
and scan everyone's ticket to the apps , to ease the time and efforts to ensure everyone in the group
able to take on the same slot of rides. 
For my case, i've 6 passes , because there is total of two person in this trip. 
if you read my Korea travel tips from here..
you should be able to get a good discounted price for Lotte World Themepark admission ticket!
around 30% from normal price + free pizza*

You can click to view my video here and find out what have i done in this themepark 
for one day!

This cup of foods is very popular in Lotte World, 
you will see it everywhere and everyone is holding one cup like that
There is coke + popcorn chicken or
coke + topokki (rice cake)

Again, i will advise you to take on the monorail rides first thing you arrive at this themepark.
This is what i have done, observed the whole themepark from the monorail and start booking for my rides slot via Magic Pass Apps.

This is definitely a beautiful themepark and this themepark has 25years of history in Seoul!


After we left the themepark , we went back to hotel , get changed, 
had our dinner at the BBQ restaurant which just next to the hotel.

After the sumptuous meal , we went to the 24/7 shopping mall - Doota Duty Free!
and find my oppa in the mall! 


dang dang dang!
found my oppa!

在Doota Duty Free Mall 里有个模拟太阳的后裔的电影场景


i'm using Samsung NX mini from

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