Sunday, November 22, 2015

My wedding anniversary @ Le Midi, The French Italian restaurant!

photo from the website
this day last year ...
i tied a knot in my heart for him ... 
i forgot to wear my wedding band! arh!
 i don't wear accessories on a normal day due to some health reason,
however, yes, i do wear it on a special occasion , teehee! 
so , to celebrate this one year wedding anniversary , in chinese we called 纸婚
we decided to indulge ourselves on this special occasion!
we were planned to go to KL for this celebration , somewhere nearby Concorde Hotel ? Helipad ? Grand Hyatt
But you know , there is a major road closure in KL city on this special day due to ASEAN SUMMIT 2015!
So we went to Le Midi @ BSC! Stress free for traffic jam or tight security!

This is a French Italian Restaurant! hmm .. i love Italian foods very much!
and the KL city view was fantastic ..
i love my country!
when the lights is up
after all , KL city view @Helipad is way too better!

it seem to have two sections in this restaurant , a place target for fine dining 
and a place for coffee-break hangout or casual dining

yup , we went for fine dining , in order to go in this section , you need to order for course meal.

Well , don't be frighten by the word - course meal .., it must be expensive bla bla bla
first of all , for such ambiance , we were expected to pay for the environment , and the foods presentation ... and fine dining , the foods must be little portion and in a "Fine" shape
okay , we got all wrong !! Wrong ! Wrong ! Wrong !!
a 4 course meal , either French / Italian sets which include a welcome drink
cost you Rm178++ per pax !! 
Good news that i have to tell you is - this restaurant don't charge you for service charge!
but the service was so good , friendly staff and replacing a clean plate for customers regularly!
The portion of the foods were big enough too.. it is not "fine" and little portion at all !

Birds of Paradise (Mocktails) @Rm18 - mixture of pineapple , orange , passion fruit !

Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine)
there is a saying , when you eating red meat , you must eat together with red wine!
yeah , if you know a little bit of cooking , you will understand this theory too as well!
no doubt , they can match!

the "free" foods..
haha.... they served it hot!

The starter
buffalo mozzarella cheese with tomatoes 
something new to me , eating cheese together with tomato!

The entree
love this handmade fettuccine with the special oxtail braised very much! 

The main course - Steak ! 

this steak was medium cooked perfectly!
I enjoyed eating my steak very much!! i can feel the garlic , little bit of wine , grilling , 
altogether become Perfect! 
if i were to cook , i normally do it "well done" because i'm not a 
professional chef by training ma!

and the duck breast @Rm78
i love the cheesy potatoes lasagna very much ..  very creative!  

Last , Tiramisu !!!
this is the best tiramisu i ever had in KL !!
i'm sure better than Alexis inspired Tiramisu
Opps.. no offend! purely my personal view...
bold & strong taste coffee powder as topping
mouth melting kahlua liquor in between

i'm sure i will be back for this piece of heavenly tiramisu !!

A cup of tea cum this heavenly tiramisu after the sumptuous dinner...
and of course some chit chat to review our marriage after one year!
haha.. sound so funny ... 
that's the way we love each other!
Our pattern... Lol

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