Monday, August 11, 2014

My DIY project 01 - Wedding Ring Box

I actually very enjoy the DIY projects for my wedding. 
Ta da !
After very much survey on Pinterest  

This is what i got and which attracted to me so much !! 

So i decided to do some hands-on ... 
i need to go find a box .. where i got this box and the plywood?
i got it from Art Friend - Curve 

and ta da !

After i put on my alphabet characters wording ... (which i got from Popular Bookstores)
and I kinda find it a bit boring ? 
Do u think so ?

So i did some magic here with red cloths and GOLD ribbon !
Box with ring pillow !

The top view (front) !

Hope this is useful info to you and i love my arts work so much! 
My own designed wedding ring box!

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