Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Instagram vs PicsArt

I'm addicted to Instagram!
Well , how it started ?
Thanks to my friend MyraRon, she asked me to install Instagram in exchange of Scramble with Friends!
Well , Scramble with Friends is another not to missed apps!
This apps train your brain while you play with it! Go install please!

Alright back to the topic...
I was using PicsArt previously for any of my photos edit.
PicsArt definitely is a great tool for those who love to edit photo with different kind of effects!
it is much similar to Adobe Photoshop, but you photoshop on your mobile phone!
It can do mask, layer,dual tone,magnifying and many more!
See my works below which done by PicsArt

Layer edited + Text insert

Dual Tone Edited

Layer edited

Masking edited (combination of TWO individual photos)

How its look like....
the making process....

Tools available inside the apps

If compare with Instagram

Instagram appear to be much more simpler, but one thing good about Instagram was...
it's like another Facebook , which allow you to connect with friends!
Share photos...commenting... you know , the LIKED function...etc
The platform is quite simple
it look like this.....

 It allows you to choose from various of predefined effects, basically you could do nothing much out of it .

Some of my works with Instagram

Black & White Effects+Drop blur effects 

Brannan Effects

Conclusion: I personally think that both Apps are really a great tool for photos edit.
But i will still vote for PicsArt for its great function. Not to deny, i was a Adobe Photoshop lover.
It was really fun to use finger-tip instead of mouse-click to do fine and smooth editing on photos!

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