Friday, June 1, 2012

Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award

While i was flipping through this chinese magazine - 女友 that day , i found this article about the contest -

Oh well , this is my first time participating to such blogger award competition.
It requires us to submit one photo and few lines of write up.

Okay, it's time to get my favourite jeans - Levi's Skinny Patricia to snap photo with me....

Since it's all about ideas in my life , so how could i missed out the fun to take a "Special" photo with my favourite jeans?

special huh ? the butt's curve ... the Levi's label!
This is so called IDEAS!
Proud of myself ... xoxoxo!
Try to figure it out yourself on how does this photo was taken.. Well , there's only one person which is myself in this photo snap!
At the end of the day, size no longer matters; it’s how you use your shape to work to your own advantage, and Levi’s jeans help me achieve that effortlessly!! That's me being beautiful in my own special way..

lastly , wish myself GOOD LUCK! ♥
although it seem to be rare chances for me to win a consolation prize! lol

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